Grab Readers Attention with Your Direct Mailing Campaign

Jul 7, 2018Print

1. Be Quick

8 seconds. That’s how long you have to catch the attention of the person reading their mail. To easily grab attention and increase curiosity, you can use larger mailers, bold/bright colors, and images. Everything should be large, easy to read, and engaging.

2. Add Graphics

Images can convey your message for you. Our brains process an image faster than a block of text. You should choose images that are unique and creative. However, do not overdo it! Don’t clutter your mail piece and make it confusing. General rule: use two to three graphics.

3. Keep it Simple

Too much text will drive people away from reading your mail piece. People want to easily understand who you are, what it is you’re selling, and why they need it. Try and choose three to four important aspects that you want to convey and use bullet points.

4. Stand Out

Get creative with elements of your mail piece to engage with your audience and stand out.

Folds: Folding techniques can give your mail an unconventional look. Research it or design it yourself. An example of an awesome fold you can try is the “endless fold” – the folds keep going and going from panel to panel. This prompts more engagement with your mail piece since its interesting and everyone wants to know how it works.

Die Cuts: Why don’t you try die cutting your mail piece into the shape of your product? This will grab attention visually since it will be a different shape than the rest. Some examples: a house shape for a real estate company, a car shape for a drivers ed program, or a camera shape for a photography company.

Scratch and Sniff: If it fits your company, take experiences to the next level and use scratch and sniff mailers. This would make the interaction between the customer and your product more real. You may need to spend time on thinking what scent would be best and not too overwhelming.

Technology: One of the coolest things you can do with your mail piece is add technology to it! Video brochures and audio clips that play messages when prospects or customers open it will get them talking about your company. This is obviously on the pricier side, hence why a lot of mailers are not consistently using it. However, this works really well to connect with audiences in a creative and modern way.

5. Consider Size

Different formats like flats, postcards, and letters all have different response rates. You should consider each to know which one works best for your business plans. Also, keep in mind that there are Postal Service requirements and you may be charged extra for your unconventional designs. If ever in doubt, just ask! We are Canada Post Experts. We can help you understand postal rules and regulations.

Direct Mail isn’t old school anymore. You should start looking at it as a practical marketing channel that can make your business grow.

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