Have Fun with Your Custom Business Apparel

May 16, 2018Apparel

With so many options available for custom uniforms, there is no right or wrong choice. For some, the initial reaction is that uniforms are boring and plain. But they don’t have to be. Use your custom uniforms to have fun and show off your company’s personality! Not only will your employees have a custom uniform they actually want to wear, but your customers will be able to recognize your staff easily.

Orange, Blue, Green & Pink Coloured T-ShirtsHere are a few ways you can have fun with your custom business uniforms.

Start with a Little Colour

Show off your company’s personality with a splash of colour. When selecting a t-shirt colour, be sure to find one that speaks to your company’s style.  Vibrant, bold colours like oranges and reds are great, but may not be suitable for all industries. For more information, see Choosing the Perfect Colour for your Brand.

Give Them Options

Having to wear the same uniform every day can get boring. Why not offer your staff other style options? Let them keep their personal style while still showing off the company’s style. Whether you want to offer a custom polo or basic tee, the options are endless. Or maybe you want to add new styles based on the seasons? A custom sweatshirt for those cold winter days, or a custom baseball cap for the summer. Some companies even give out Jackets & gear for staff to show off your business even when they aren’t working. Adding more style options will not only engage your employees, but your customers will appreciate the fresh look as well.

Personalize It

Adding a name to the sleeve or chest of your custom apparel is a great way to personalize your uniforms. Customers will also feel an instant connection when they know the name of the employee assisting them. You could even go as far as allowing employees to choose a fun slogan or meme for an extra personal touch.

Let Your Shirt Start the Conversation

Have you seen custom tees in retail stores asking, “How can I help you today?” or similar questions? What a great way to get the conversation started without saying a word. Let your custom uniform say it for you. Whether you are promoting a monthly special, introducing a new program or simply being funny – the options are endless.

Get Started Today!

If you are ready to have some fun with your custom business apparel be sure to get in touch. We look forward to seeing your company’s personality shine.