Instagram Will Help Your Business Grow

Aug 7, 2018Trends

Big or small, businesses can greatly benefit from social media. The blog post today will focus on Instagram. Why? Because it’s been making a huge impact on businesses lately. Here are some ways that Instagram can actually help you out!

A Picture is Worth More Than You Think

Since Instagram is mainly image and video based, it makes for an efficient way to advertise creatively. Do you have a product that you can display dynamically or an aspect of your service that is better visually explained? Instagram is perfect for this. Translating the passion of what you offer into a visual image can open doors of opportunity! A picture is not only worth a thousand words but can also be worth thousands of dollars. Instagram is your new form of advertising.

Behind The Scenes

Being transparent with your current and potential clientele is what wins trust and rapport. This is a powerful way to build a connection. If they can get behind-the-scenes access to how your product is made or how your service is performed, it can intrigue the customer into wanting to learn more and investing in your business. The more knowledge they have of what’s going on within your business, the more they’ll believe that you’re worth their money.

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Customer Participation

Instagram opens the door for customers to converse and participate directly with your business. It’s easy to encourage them to like and comment, or even share and repost certain posts. People love having exchanges with businesses big or small—it makes them feel important. Social media is social. If you make their experience around your company fun and involving, there’s a great chance they’ll keep coming back. They may even bring some friends!


It’s so simple to create a personality for your brand but the best way you can show it is through Instagram. Make yourself look fun and creative with colours and funky shots, or very business-like with a modern and minimalist style. This is how people can feel out your company. Personality is so important. It can distinguish whether people see value in you or not. Convey who you are through colours, shot style, captions, and Instagram stories.

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You Can Go Viral

If you’re a constant user on Instagram and keep up with the ‘Popular Page’, you’ll know how quick it is for posts to go viral. There have been small food businesses, craft businesses, slime-making businesses (you name it) that have gone viral with their Instagram posts. It’s all about pushing your creative content and letting it fall into the right hands.

Perfect Mix of Millennial and Generation Z

According to Statista, majority of Instagram users are from the ages 18-34. Majority of users are clearly a mix of Millennials and Generation Z— the stars of social media. Individuals within these age ranges are fresh out of high school, university, and grad school. They consistently look to network and start new business relationships. That being said, we know that businesses flourish on other businesses. Since Millennials and Gen Z use Instagram the most, don’t you think it would be the perfect platform to be within their reach and advertise your product and service that they may need?

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With a nice dose of communication, camera skills, and creativity, Instagram can be amazing for your business. You’ll keep your company name in social media conversation. Start an Instagram page, its free! They also have lots of business features that can track your growth. The more comfortable you get, the more you’ll be able to figure out how to reap the benefits through Instagram everyday.

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