What to Bring to your Next Trade Show or Conference

Jul 27, 2018Trends

Trade Shows are a great way to present your business to potential clients. From selecting your booth display & signage to choosing the perfect giveaways, a lot of thought goes into planning your trade show presence. To help you make the most out of your trade show experience, we have compiled a list of items we know will help you maximize your experience.

For the Booth

Signage – When designing the look of your trade show booth, make sure you have plenty of signage, posters, banners, etc. that are visible from all angles. You want to draw attention to your booth with a variety of mediums. Branded can help you with pull up banner stands, media walls, full booth design, etc.

Organizers & Display Stands – Most exhibitors just lay their fliers on tables. Once a few clients have walked by it looks messy and some have even fallen on the floor. By utilizing organizers and display stands, your booth will stay organized and professional.

Laptop/ TV / iPad – People enjoy watching things on a big screen. Just be sure to bring the proper cables too.

Chargers & Power Banks – Your devices won’t last the entire day with constant use, so pack an extra charger and power bank to recharge your batteries to make it through the show.

Extension Cords (more than one) – If you plan on using a TV, laptop or computer monitor be sure to have extension cords handy. You never know how close your booth will be to the electrical outlet.

Company Branded Table Cloth or Table Throw – We all know those venue tables have seen better days. Best to cover them up with a table lined branded specifically for you.

For Your Potential Clients

Promotional Products – Everyone loves free stuff! Branded can help you select a promo item that is unique and will draw attendees to your booth. Then you can entice them with what you really have to offer: your product or services. We can product a multitude of promotional items such as t-shirts, water bottles, hats, sunglasses, tote bags, and more.

Printed Materials – In addition to business cards, it is best to have a take away printed piece that attendees can reference when they leave the show. Whether you’re looking for a postcard, brochure, coupon or spec sheet, Branded can print it for you.

For You

Custom Apparel – Branding doesn’t stop with at your booth. Complete the look with custom apparel. From casual tees to more professional attire, we’ve got a style for you. You choose the clothing, we brand it with your company name or logo.

Extra Pair or Shoes – After all the walking & standing, your feet may need a rest. Especially if you are wearing heels in the morning, you may need a break by the afternoon.

Water – With all of the talking you are about to do, it’s best to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.

Snacks – Keep your energy up by bringing snacks from home. There isn’t always time to go for lunch, or perhaps your options are limited. Keep your energy up with granola bars, muffins, fruit & veggies and other similar snacks.

Hand Sanitizer – With each new introduction comes the inevitable hand shake. Keep away the germs with frequent use of hand sanitizer.

For the Unknown

Wardrobe Malfunction – safety pins

First Aid Supplies – band aids, medicine, blister patches

Beauty Products – lip balm, deodorant, Kleenex, mirror

Office Supplies – duct tape, scissors, scotch tape, rubber bands, zip ties, thread, extra pens & note pad

What Else Should I Know?

Take Pictures – Once your booth is complete, snap a picture and post it to social media. Let your followers know where you’ll be and invite them to stop by.

Keep Smiling – You’re going to meet plenty of potential customers. Keep a positive attitude and remember, not everyone will be in a good mood. Don’t let them bring you down. Keep smiling!

Get Trade Show Ready

Let Branded help you get Trade Show ready! With so many options available, the best place to start is with a simple conversation. Let’s talk about your business and we’ll help you decide which trade show items are best for you & your brand.

Your Team at Branded Marketing & Promo Inc.